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Dry Winters and Water Free Grass

Saving water is more important than ever. Last winter had record rainfall, but this winter is dry and it could stay dry for another 10 years. Since the end of statewide emergency water conservation, mandatory water restrictions have been dropped, and communities water usage has increased.

But the drought can return, and can last a very long time. We need to conserve water for our region as it continues receiving high-pressure systems preventing rain in our area.

The Sierra Nevada mountains snow pack level was only 22% of it’s historical average; and people are using more water now without the statewide restrictions. The candle is burning at both ends, and water shortages could be inevitable if we don’t change our actions. Installing water-wise landscaping is a fantastic option for people that want to save water and enjoy a specially designed landscape for their home. We all need it, water is a limited resource, and encourage everyone to take action and save the water we can, even when it’s raining.

Be Storm Ready with EcoLawn

StormReady SB is the property protection and clean up division of EcoLawn SB. We focus on preparation for and response to major storm events, storm water and debris mitigation, as well as emergency response. We also offer mud clean up, landscape hauling and repair, and storm debris removal.

Our available clean up services include:

  • debris hauling
  • landscape clean up
  • landscape repair and construction
  • pressure washing
  • plant and irrigation salvage and repair
  • mud and dirt removal
  • retaining and preparation for future storms
  • We offer FREE property evaluations for storm readiness and estimates for erosion and storm water damage prevention or response services. See below for a list of our available prevention measures and emergency services.

    Call (805) 270-2960 or a free property evaluation.

    Are you having a storm emergency? CALL (805) 637-3017 for 24/7 sandbagging, subterranean pumping and water diversion.

    For more information, head over to

    Synthetic Lawns and Water

    Everywhere in the world, the environment is impacted by people’s actions. EcoLawn’s foundation is based on helping people save water and the environment. Having an EcoLawn saves water and water quality in a variety of ways. People don’t have to water their EcoLawns, and there is no chemical run off from fertilizers or weed killers from EcoLawns. Saving water is important, especially since that only 3% of water in the world is drinkable. EcoLawn embraces the idea that our actions and lifestyles should be sustainable for a better future for us and future generations. We all need water, and we all can take different actions to save a couple drops.

    Synthetic Lawns and You

    From barbecues to gardens; your lawn can have many different functions that fit your lifestyle. EcoLawn is here to help you put your lawn to use and create the living space you envision. Lawns are sometimes looked over by homeowners because it can be a daunting task to create the living space you want. EcoLawn provides multiple services that can transform your lawn.

    In addition to installing synthetic grass, we can also add:


    Arbors You can make your yard an extension of your home, and we want to help make it an oasis.

    Thankful for Water & a Full Wallet

    From beautiful ocean views to the water we drink, there many things in nature to be grateful for. Sometimes the choices people make can disrupt nature and what we appreciate. Here at EcoLawn, we are committed to protecting the natural environment and conserving water. Did you know that converting only 100 square feet of grass to an artificial lawn can save 8,976 gallons of water per year? That equates to running a sprinkler for over 33 hours (1). Water isn’t the only thing that can be saved with an artificial lawn. Converting that 100 square feet of grass can save $672 per year, including the average cost of yard maintenance. Saving money and water is always something we can be thankful for.