EcoLawn SB Hits One Million Gallons Saved Mid-Way Through 2015

EcoLawn SB hit a milestone mid-way through 2015, reaching over one million gallons of water saved this year through removal of traditional water-reliant grass and implementing water-free synthetic grass.

The company is poised to reach two million gallons of water before the year is over, helping home and business owners transform their landscapes with drought tolerant xeriscaping and artificial grass. Read the full story online here.  

New DROUGHT BUSTERS Program in Santa Barbara County


Assemblymember Das Williams is now recognizing residents and business owners who have gone above and beyond in conserving water outdoors in Santa Barbara County. One property each month will be chosen from ongoing nominations received. Drought tolerant front yards will be featured on local television programming.

Utilizing synthetic grass and artificial lawn is a great way to achieve huge water savings, conserve water, and enjoy a beautiful drought tolerant landscape. EcoLawn artificial grass installations are wonderful candidates for the new Drought Buster program!

For more information from Assemblymember Williams’ office and an online form to nominate a Drought Buster near you, click here.

Why So Many Pet Owners Are Switching to Synthetic Grass


Aside from the savings on your water bill and the maintenance free yard, synthetic grass has huge benefits for pet owners! In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in artificial lawn used for doggy day cares, dog parks, and dog runs.

With an artificial lawn, you’ll no longer have brown dead spots in your yard from pet messes or muddy paw prints tracked through the house. The durable polymer grass material makes it difficult for dogs who like to dig as well as for fleas and ticks to make themselves at home in your lawn.

At EcoLawn, we use a synthetic lawn material that is completely non-toxic and 100% lead free, so it’s a safe environment for pets. Our secret behind the ultimate pet lawn lies within the infill – an all-natural product called ZeoFill.

ZeoFill is a turf deodorizer made from natural volcanic ash that works to absorb pet urine and prevent ammonia from creating odors. When it rains, the rainfall flushes out the ZeoFill, pushing the bacteria through the turf and recharging the ZeoFill when it dries.

See how it works here:

California Governor Orders Mandatory Water Use Reductions


Houseboats in California’s drought-lowered Lake Oroville.

Shortly after winter came to a close after delivering exceptionally low levels of snowfall this year, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order mandating a reduction in water usage by 25 percent on all local water supply agencies in California. Included in the Governor’s executive order was a mandate for the state to work with local governments to replace 50 million square feet of traditional ornamental lawn with synthetic lawn or planting that consumes less water–meaning additional funds for government rebates for replacing traditional lawn with synthetic grass. Read more about the new water use restrictions here.  

Conservation Why & How


Water is California’s most precious and natural resource. How we manage it today will affect nearly every aspect of our future. After three consecutive dry years, California is now experiencing a serious drought thats headed towards the most sever stage 3 conditions very quickly. We simply cannot afford to waste any water.

California cannot take its water supply for granted. While state and local leaders continue to work on long­term solutions to our water challenges, saving water on a daily basis helps to stretch our supply. In dry times, conservation is a critical tool to help ensure that we have enough water for our communities, environment, farms and other important parts of our economy. It’s easy for every Californian—young and old—to save water every day. The good news is there are lots of simple ways to reduce the amount of water that we use at home, both inside and outside. If we all work together, we can make a difference for California’s future.