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New California State Turf Removal Rebate Program

In August, the State of California’s Department of Water Resources rolled out the ‘Save our Water’ Rebate Program for removing turf and replacing it with landscapes that require little water at California single-family residences. Eligible households can receive up to $2 per square foot of turf removed, up to a maximum of $2,000.


The $24 million program budget is expected to support the conversion of more than 10 million square feet of turf, or approximately 20 percent of the statewide goal of 50 million square feet of turf.


While the Program does not include rebates for synthetic grass, it does offer rebates for low water use, drought-tolerant or California native plants. Rebates are also available for food-producing trees, shrubs, vines and perennial plants.


For more information, visit the ‘Save our Water’ website here.

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