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Thankful for Water & a Full Wallet

From beautiful ocean views to the water we drink, there many things in nature to be grateful for. Sometimes the choices people make can disrupt nature and what we appreciate. Here at EcoLawn, we are committed to protecting the natural environment and conserving water.

Did you know that converting only 100 square feet of grass to an artificial lawn can save 8,976 gallons of water per year? That equates to running a sprinkler for over 33 hours (1).
Water isn’t the only thing that can be saved with an artificial lawn. Converting that 100 square feet of grass can save $672 per year, including the average cost of yard maintenance. Saving money and water is always something we can be thankful for.

(1) Adam Hadhazy, “Top 10 Water Wasters: From Washing Dishes to Watering the Desert,”, (July 23, 2008).

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