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Dry Winters and Water Free Grass

Saving water is more important than ever. Last winter had record rainfall, but this winter is dry and it could stay dry for another 10 years. Since the end of statewide emergency water conservation, mandatory water restrictions have been dropped, and communities water usage has increased.

But the drought can return, and can last a very long time. We need to conserve water for our region as it continues receiving high-pressure systems preventing rain in our area.

The Sierra Nevada mountains snow pack level was only 22% of it’s historical average; and people are using more water now without the statewide restrictions. The candle is burning at both ends, and water shortages could be inevitable if we don’t change our actions.

Installing water-wise landscaping is a fantastic option for people that want to save water and enjoy a specially designed landscape for their home. We all need it, water is a limited resource, and encourage everyone to take action and save the water we can, even when it’s raining.

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