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A Safe Lawn is a Happy Lawn

We are proud to provide non-toxic and lead free products for your lawn. The products we use are designed specifically for pets and children to safely use.

Our infill is a mix of Zeofill and Durafill. This works great for households that have pets. Infill works to eliminate microbes, prevent bacteria growth and deodorize pet waste. Artificial lawns also have the added benefit of reducing the amount ticks, fleas and other pests living in your yard.

Artificial grass is also safe for children to play on. If you or someone close to you is allergic to grass, a synthetic lawn is a great alternative. You can still get the traditional lawn you want while also not having to worry about allergen irritation.

We are happy to provide great products to help people achieve the yard they want!

If you have any questions, check out our FAQs, or read some of our past client reviews on Google.

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