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Keeping Your Synthetic Lawn Cool

With summer coming right around the corner, temperatures are sure to rise but you won’t have to worry about your synthetic lawn. Our advanced synthetic products feature built-in U.V. inhibitors within the yarn and allow the grass blades to hold color, even in the most harsh and sunny conditions.

While your lawns stays green, it will also stay cool. Our grasses have heat resistant technology. The shape of the individual blades help reduce the heat and mimic the shape natural grass. If your synthetic lawn is hotter than you’d like, a simple water spray will help cool down your synthetic grass in a few seconds. Cooling your grass down this way, won’t cause mud either! Your synthetic lawn will always be ready for children and pets.

If you are curious about synthetic lawns or have more questions, check out our other blog posts or call us at 805-270-2960 to set up your free estimate.

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