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Caring for Your Lawn

Here are a few care and maintenance guidelines to help your synthetic lawn.


– Clear debris with a rake of leaf blower to help keep your lawn pristine.

– Remove dust, dirt, and pollen with rain. When rainfall is scarce, a gentle spray with a hose will do the trick.

– Wipe or rise spills with water. For tougher spills, use a mild soap with lukewarm water.

– Spray down areas used by pets periodically. This will help with odors accumulating. We also suggest adding a layer of infill every 6 moths to a year. Pick up solid waste as normal. You can neutralize any leftover residue with a mixture of equal parts of white distilled vinegar and water. Flush thoroughly with water after application.

– Freeze chewing gum by using aerosol packs of refrigerant, or dry ice. After freezing, scrape the gum with a knife.

– Fungus or mold spots can be cleaned with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide in water. Sponge on the solution to the affected area; and then flush thoroughly with clean water.

These maintenance guidelines will help preserve your turf. Please feel free to call us at 805-270-2960 with any questions regarding maintaining your lawn.

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