A Bright Idea | Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems by EcoLawn

A Bright Idea | Custom Outdoor Lighting Systems by EcoLawn

Under the Festive Lights

While we’re lucky to still feel the lingering bits of summer’s warm temperatures here in Santa Barbara, daylight savings is right around the corner with clocks rolling back Sunday, November 7th. Are your dinner parties and outdoor gatherings ready for darker days and earlier evenings? With the holidays approaching and the desire to safely gather outside still a high priority, customized lighting solutions are a great way to add safety and ambience to your outdoor spaces.

Illuminating the Possibilities

Few things can amplify an already beautiful space like well-executed lighting. Illuminated poolside pathways, walkways, and driveways are elegant ways to deliver both functionality and peace of mind. Directional, recessed or uplighting sprinkled in the trees throughout your property, can all be artfully arranged and customized for each of your favorite entertaining or recreation spaces. Let us help you explore the possibilities with a customized set-and-forget outdoor lighting program.

Lighting the way with Cutting-Edge Technology

Today’s options of landscape lighting solutions provide energy and cost saving benefits all while delivering higher illumination output, better color quality, and far greater versatility. We’ve found the best product on the market — The Luxor Controller from FX Luminere. This dual controller and companion app allows users to seamlessly integrate their property with custom lighting and can control zoning, dimming, and color creation capabilities using their Luxor® technology. Easily customize each fixture around your property into groups, control the lighting manually, or let us create a customized lighting program for you. Say goodnight to stumbling down a dark driveway and let FX Luminere light the path for you.

Lighting tailored to You

Let us provide a lighting audit to see if a customized lighting and landscaping system would help bring beauty and security to your outdoor spaces. Let’s start by learning about the features and functionality you’re looking for, and then we’ll design a system with seamless installation in just a few days. Call us today for your free consultation (805) 270-2960

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