Batu Blue

Batu Blue

When you live in Southern California, maximizing the enjoyment of your home along our sun-soaked coast is essential. With a thoughtful design plan, you can transform your backyard into an oasis you can’t wait to get home to enjoy – every day of the year.

We had the privilege of updating this quintessential Santa Barbara backyard, taking the beautiful design from grading to finish. With a plan built by Parryi Studio, the home features a sleek swimming pool, fire pit, mahogany deck, pergola, outdoor kitchen, lush landscaping, and more. Our team used various hardscaping surfaces and EcoLawn turf to meet the family’s wish-list of a naturally beautiful yet functional property.

Amplify the Natural Beauty

With sharp lines and rich tropical colors, the landscaping is both lush and water-efficient. We used vibrant plantings that modernize the space and reflect the natural biodiversity of the backyard. Paired with EcoLawn turf, the yard is a beautiful and functional place for a young family. 

A Sun-Kissed Summer

The swimming pool was refinished, and we installed large form pavers on the pool deck for a modern and minimalist aesthetic. At the water’s edge, turf and a paver pathway lead to a quiet corner with an outdoor shower. Whether rinsing off chlorine or sand from Butterfly Beach, the shower is a refreshing way to wind down after plenty of sun.

Sit Back, Relax, and Eat 

We built a brand-new mahogany deck to border the length of the swimming pool. Featuring multiple reading nooks, a custom pergola, outdoor dining, and protection from the sun, the deck is an eye-catching design element. A shade structure is an ideal way to give respite from the sun and add an artistic feature to your home; this custom pergola is made from steel and mahogany.

Adjacent to the pergola, an outdoor kitchen & bar add a feeling of luxury to the backyard. The owner envisioned a gathering space for hosting friends and family – what better way of doing this than by cooking great food? The kitchen features spacious counters, a state-of-the-art grill, and a fridge that keeps those summer drinks ice-cold.

Custom Lighting and the Joy of Being Fireside 

A well-designed space has the power to bring people together and provide a haven for deep conversations. Whether in the great outdoors or your own backyard, there is no greater place to create memories with friends and family than beside a fire. We installed a handmade-to-order Lumacast Studio fire pit for a warm and inviting atmosphere amongst a lush backdrop of foliage.

To top it all off, our team added a customized lighting system that allows the homeowners to control zoning, dimming, and color creation throughout the yard. Well-executed lighting is the best way to amplify a beautiful space – after all, finding the right ambiance sets the tone for relaxation and rest. 

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