Collecting Rainwater in Your Landscaping

Collecting Rainwater in Your Landscaping

Conserving natural resources is vital, especially when it comes to water saving. Collecting rainwater is a great way to save water when it comes to watering your landscaping.

One way to utilize rainwater is to guide the runoff with downspouts into landscaped sections in your yard. Using a downspout will help direct rainwater where it’s needed most. For areas that experience larger amounts of rainwater, having a dry creek bed is a great option. Dry creek beds act as a natural creek when there is water runoff, this helps direct water off of the landscape while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Now, it you don’t want to get water run off in a certain section of your landscaping, a dam is a tried and true method for blocking water. You can even guide this water run off with a dry creek bed into a water basin.

A water basin is a space dedicated for rainwater to flow into and drain through soil and plants in the basin. The plants help filter the water as is seeps down back into the soil and further down into the water table.

Guiding water rain off from gutters is another way you can collect water. A rain chain can help guide the water into a dry creek bed or runoff basin when it’s attached to the end of a rain gutter.

If you would prefer to re-use your rainwater later to water your landscape, a rain barrel is your best bet. This will hold water from a downspout, catching it into a container that can easily store the water for later use.

These options help water maintain its natural cycle while also preventing flooding. When a storm hits, your landscape will be prepared with these water directing options.

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