Partner Spotlight: 805 Fitness

Partner Spotlight: 805 Fitness

Jason Baker, owner of 805 Fitness, is as passionate about health as we are about water saving! Our passions created a unique partnership. From in ground trampolines to home gyms with custom synthetic grass, every project we work on with Jason is innovative and helps restore the utility of spaces.

We reached out to Jason with a couple questions because we would love for you to get to know him and what his incredible business does. Read more to learn how 805 Fitness got started and where it’s headed.

Where did your passion for fitness come from?

Growing up I didn’t have the best food choices, which created one chunky kid. As I got older vanity started to play a role and helped me get serious about my health. I started to realize that being active and creating better eating habits made me feel better (go figure). After that, I was hooked! I then wanted to share my passion of feeling good with everyone around me.  

What services do you provide? 

Corporate wellness and gym staff management for local companies and hotels. In addition, we have an indoor and outdoor gym building portion of the business. We do everything from initial design to procuring and installing equipment. Recently, we have been doing more outdoor fitness gyms where people are turning their landscapes into functional workout areas.  We‘re really enjoying this part of the design process since there’s no limit on how creative you can be. 

What makes 805 Fitness stand out from the crowd?

Service, accountability and results. When I was younger I was trained through the Four Seasons hotels, which I think is the “golden standard” for customer service. To this day, I implement many of their practices with our staff and we all understand the importance of building relationships and impeccable customer service.  

What do you envision for 805 Fitness’s future?

Doing more of what we’re currently doing.  We’re having a lot of fun working alongside some amazing people and companies. 

805 Fitness goes out of their way to help create a stronger and healthier community. We are always happy to contribute our skills and services to help 805’s mission to help Santa Barbara residents create their own space to stay in shape. 

Visit their website and learn more here:

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