Picking Artificial Grass That’s Right For You

Picking Artificial Grass That’s Right For You

There are many different synthetic grass options for you to choose from. Having too many options can be overwhelming at times. Here are a few features that you can use to narrow down your options and find the right artificial grass for you.


Dark green, light green, green with a little bit of brown, the possibilities are endless. This comes down to personal preference. Lighter and brighter greens look like freshly grown grass, while darker greens have a more established grass look to them. It’s good to think about what color will look good with landscaping you already have.

Blade Shape:

Synthetic grasses have a special blade shape. This is how the individual blades are bent. For example, a blade can be shaped like a “W” or an “S”. This helps with sunlight refraction and keeps the grass cool. Is your lawn going to be in the sun all day, everyday? If so, then it might be a good idea to prioritize the shape of the grass blade.


The blades of grass can also be thicker or thinner, as well and shorter or longer. This will come down to whether or not you prefer the look of fresh cut or slightly more grown grass. How dense the grass is will depend on the thickness of the blade and how many blades/1 square inch of synthetic grass there are.


It’s also important to think about the purpose of your lawn. Is it going to be used mostly by kids or pets? Will there be heavy foot traffic? Knowing the purpose of the grass will help you decide the type of grass to install. There are specific types of grasses made for pet and softer grasses for kids.

While there are many options to choose from, it’s important to review what you like or dislike when it comes to your lawn. Narrowing down your preferences can help you find the right type of grass for you.

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