Project Spotlight | Mission Canyon Oasis

Project Spotlight | Mission Canyon Oasis

When it comes to summer in Santa Barbara, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as the breezy evenings of our temperate coastline. After a hot day of sun, just about every night cools to a perfect 62 degrees. With thoughtfully designed landscaping, your outdoor space can transform into the ideal location for cozying up and enjoying a glass of wine – or a whiskey if you’re feeling old-fashioned. 

EcoLawn recently had the privilege of completing a new landscape and construction project in Mission Canyon. ​​The backyard’s rustic and organic style creates the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of home.

Beauty and Innovation Combined

The project was conceptualized by Yardzen, and added plenty of new usable space for the residents. We integrated Cherokee Flagstone and Decomposed Granite to provide pathways for residents to move seamlessly throughout the yard. To illuminate these walkways, our team installed a customized lighting system. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: few things can amplify an already beautiful space like well-executed lighting. The Luxor Controller from FX Luminaire allows the homeowners to control zoning, dimming, and color creation— after all, it’s all about finding the perfect ambiance for the specific occasion.

No Detail Overlooked

As a space for lounging and enjoying one another’s company, it’s hard to beat a backyard deck. We built a custom Redwood patio with a stainless cable handrail system. For an extra touch of luxury, EcoLawn facilitated the installation of a Gordon & Grant cedar plunge pool. Cooling off has never felt better.  

A Slice of Paradise

It was a joy to collaborate on this charming project in Mission Canyon; our team was thrilled with the final result. Whether patios, dry-creek beds, or custom lighting, your outdoor space can transform into a slice of paradise.

Mission Canyon Oasis Project by EcoLawn SB

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