Make the most of your exterior space with custom hardscaping for a seamless transition between your home’s interior and outdoor environment. The possibilities are endless for creating a finished look on your patio, pathway, pool, driveway or surface of any type.


Classically-inspired stonework creates a refined, timeless aesthetic while ensuring durability that will stand the test of time. Naturally-sourced slate, boulders, and flagstones are carefully chosen and installed with precision to provide beauty and visually interesting counterpoints to your plants, trees, gardens, and grass.

Stonework by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Interlocking Pavers by EcoLawn Santa Barbara

Interlocking Pavers

Available in a wide spectrum of colors, textures, shapes, and styles to choose from, pavers are an elegant and practical way to upgrade any surface where asphalt or concrete would typically be used. Pavers are a durable, low maintenance solution which can enhance your landscape aesthetic throughout your property, from your driveway, outdoor kitchen, patio or pool.

Looking for inspiration?

Stepping Stones

An increasing number of our clients are asking for custom-designed stepping stones as a design element to create playful pathways and a focal point for the eye. The options for the style, size and shapes of these pavers are as unlimited as their purpose. When combined with stonework and greenery, stepping stones are a delightful way to accent your yard while protecting sensitive areas from wear and tear.

Stepping Stones by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Concrete by EcoLawn Santa Barbara


Durable and versatile, concrete is great for retaining walls, patios, pools, planters, garden edging, and patios. With hundreds of textures, colors, and patterned designs available, concrete is a multipurpose way to create greater utility and beauty anywhere you wish. Ask us about the many decorative concrete styles possible with stamped and exposed aggregate.

Decomposed Granite

Due to its warm colors and unique grainy softness when underfoot, decomposed granite (often referred to as DG) is considered by many to be the ideal hardscape material. Finer than gravel, DG provides the landscape with a rich palette of moods, from a warm, summery Mediterranean and Tuscan vibe, to a regal yet informal country cottage ambiance.

Decomposed Granite by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Gravel by EcoLawn Santa Barbara


Landscape gravel has become a popular eco-friendly way to add character and elegance, while serving a variety of practical purposes such as providing drainage, structural support, and creating low-maintenance flower beds, pathways and driveways. We offer a wide selection of colors, sizes and composition, including Pea Gravel, Bluestone Gravel, River Wash, Crushed Stone, and Surge Gray Stone. Combined with EcoLawn turf, composed granite, and stonework, gravel is a rock solid choice for creating contrast, defining edges, creating height, holding materials in place, as well as diverting water.

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