Creative design with an integrative approach. We specialize in landscape solutions that highlight the natural features of your property to create the optimal outdoor living space for your home and lifestyle.

Since 2014, EcoLawn has designed and installed sustainable landscape solutions for hundreds of homes and businesses in Santa Barbara County. Our company was voted Best Landscape Company in 2018 and we take pride in helping homeowners achieve water savings and transform their yard into beautiful outdoor living space for relaxing, recreation, and entertaining.


Liven up outdoor areas with plants that complement your home’s style and the natural surroundings. We specialize in water wise landscaping of all different styles that will thrive year-round with minimal maintenance. We proudly source from local, environmentally responsible growers and nurseries.

Planting by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Irrigation by EcoLawn Santa Barbara


Protect the beauty of your plants with a custom irrigation system designed to conserve water, avoid runoff, minimize or eliminate hose watering, and save you money. We offer state of the art irrigation systems with maximum efficiency and smart WiFi-enabled controllers, and an irrigation team with over 10 years of irrigation experience.

Dry Creeks + Boulder Placement

Highlight the natural contours of your property with a creek bed accented with tall grass, succulents, boulders, and pebbles purely for the aesthetics or to provide needed drainage. Our construction techniques create a natural, self-sustaining ecosystem and are engineered for functionality.

Dry Creeks + Boulder Placement by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Drainage by EcoLawn Santa Barbara


Protect your property from puddling, flooding, and erosion with natural-looking drainage solutions such as swales, rain gardens, and French drains. When combined with pervious paving stones and other permeable hardscapes, you’ll maximize groundwater replenishment and can direct water toward thirsty plants and trees.

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