Highlight the beauty of your surroundings by harnessing state-of-art shadowing and illuminating techniques. We’ve got some bright ideas for you!

Let us take a lighting audit of your property and we’ll provide illumination options custom for your property. With a virtually unlimited array of fixtures, light sources, and color temperatures to choose from, you can achieve the ideal balance of aesthetics and practicality to add safety, security, and inviting warmth to your outdoor spaces.

Seamless Integration

With new smart home and home assistant systems, you’ll have one-touch control of your lighting from anywhere and virtually any device, making it an integral component of your audio and home security technologies. We’ll help you select fixtures of a style, finish, and design best suited to complement your home and outdoor amenities.

Seamless Integration by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
High Efficiency Lights by EcoLawn Santa Barbara

High Efficiency Lights

Today’s LED lighting options provide energy cost-savings and longevity unimaginable only a short while ago, all while delivering higher illumination output, better color quality, and far greater versatility. Utility savings of 80% or more are not uncommon, especially when you replace inefficient existing lighting.

Pathway Lighting

When the sun goes down, your smart lighting system makes nighttime navigation safe and your property visually pleasing. Sensors turn on specific lighting partitions at dusk, power them off at a predetermined time, or can be motion activated. A well-lit property with responsive lighting around decks, patios, pathways, and entryways reduces the liability of injuries and discourages trespassing.

Pathway Lighting by EcoLawn Santa Barbara
Deck + Patio Lighting by EcoLawn Santa Barbara

Deck + Patio Lighting

Nothing creates the mood as effortlessly as elegantly designed lighting. Directional lighting, stringed lights, hidden uplighting, moonlighting, and overhead recessed lighting can be customized for each of your favorite entertaining and recreational spaces.