State Street Stand-Out | Our Donation to The Santa Barbara Art Museum

State Street Stand-Out | Our Donation to The Santa Barbara Art Museum

The Santa Barbara Art museum is one of our city’s treasures. This past July, EcoLawn had the privilege of bringing life back to an essential piece of the museum property, just a few blocks east of the primary location. 

A Historical Property with a New Legacy

At the intersection of East Arrellaga and Santa Barbara Street resides a historic Santa Barbara home, known as the Ridley-Tree Education Center. Inherited by the museum after her passing, the Education Center was formerly the home of Katherine Dexter McCormick,  a U.S. suffragette and bold advocate for women’s educational equality. The building is educational, artistically inspiring, and holds art classes for women and men of all ages. However, the landscaping was in dire need of an update, and our friends at the museum reached out to EcoLawn for help. 

New Turf with a Tight Turnaround 

With the go-ahead for students to meet back in person, we had a tight turnaround for this turf. We replaced their tired lawn with a soft water-wise turf option, knowing that it would be used for playing, laying, and public events. With a quick response and efficient installation, we completed this 1,000 square foot project in just two days, before the summer art camps began.

Somersaulting into Summer 

The museum’s Director of Education, Patsy Hicks, loved how the space turned out, kindly sharing with us, “the sculpture in the center of the lawn, by artist George Rickey, looks like it has been newly polished because the environment around it has created such a sweet change. The camp attendees also reaped the benefits of a more ecologically sound and comfortable lawn as they somersaulted and played throughout the week.”

Effortless Solutions That Get Better With Time

We are honored to help restore such a rich piece of property in our community and are grateful to give back. This new lawn requires little to no maintenance and frees up the museum’s gardener. No more struggling to make a natural lawn thrive in this California desert. From bringing restored life to George Rickey’s sculpture to promoting emotional well-being, we love knowing that our work serves a greater purpose in this historic location.

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