Building Sustainable Landscapes Since 2014

Beautiful landscaping doesn’t need to come at the cost of the environment. EcoLawn is committed to saving water for our customers and the state of California while mitigating our carbon footprint through ambitious reforestation and sustainability initiatives.

Reimagining Lawn Culture

Water is a vital and limited resource in California. The average lawn consumes 100 gallons per square foot every year, typically accounting for 30% of homeowners’ annual usage. We have helped Santa Barbara rethink lawn culture by replacing traditional grass with water-free and drought-tolerant landscapes, saving more than 15 million gallons of water in an average year.

Values in Action

EcoLawn is a California Certified Green Business and partner of the US Green Building Council Central Coast Chapter. We are committed to taking action to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both our office and operations; our business complies with environmental regulations in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, and air quality.

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Combatting Carbon Emissions

We are combatting the carbon emissions generated by our company and by the manufacturing of some of our materials in two ways:

  • 1. Nixing the Lawn Mower

    An average lawn mower emits 40 kg of carbon dioxide every year. Over the twenty-year lifespan of EcoLawn turf, each project prevents 800 kg of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere.
  • 2. Rooting for the Planet

    We’re committed to reforestation in the places that need it most. EcoLawn plants over 14,000 trees each year with American Forests & Forest Nation.

Why is Reforestation Important?

  • Helps carbon sequestration by fixing atmospheric carbon dioxide in trees’ leaves, trunks, and roots
  • Removes air pollutants by absorbing them into trees’ leaves and bark
  • Prevents soil erosion by growing roots that hold the soil together
  • Provides habitat for over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity
  • Acts as natural air conditioners by reducing ambient air temperatures by up to 8° Celsius
  • Reduces the impact of global warming and climate change
  • Protects endangered species
  • Filters our drinking water through their roots
  • Prevents floods and landslides by absorbing water and slowly releasing it via transpiration

American Forests

American Forests is a non-profit that seeks to increase urban forestry in the United States. Their goal is to achieve total Tree Equity in North America by 2030, so all people can experience the same individual health, economic, and environmental benefits of trees. EcoLawn plants 2,400 trees per year in forests located in North America.

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Forest Nation

Forest Nation aims to reduce the damage caused by deforestation by motivating companies and local organizations to plant trees together. EcoLawn plants 12,000 trees per year with ForestNation. Since 2019, we have planted over 30,000 trees in Tanzania!

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UN Decade on Ecological Restoration

We are proud members of the UN Decade on Ecological Restoration, a movement to prevent and reverse the degradation of worldwide ecosystems.

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