Tips For Extending the Lifespan Of Your Artificial Lawn

Tips For Extending the Lifespan Of Your Artificial Lawn

By following these basic guidelines, you can protect your investment and extend the useful life of your EcoLawn. The following procedures are key in helping to preserve your turf.

Clear Debris

Use a rake or leaf blower to clear off fallen leaves, branches, and other rotting debris that may land on top of the synthetic grass. This will help the grass maintain a clean and well groomed look.

Dust, Dirt & Pollen

Rainfall is the best cleaner. When rainfall is scarce, an occasional water flush and gentle spray once a month is beneficial to cleanse the turf and flush out dust, dirt or pollen, and to keep the deodorizer working optimally. The nylon backing on the grass is perforated, allowing water to rinse through the blades of grass.


Our artificial grass is made from polyethylene and will not absorb stains, although it is recommended to wipe or rinse spills with water. For those tougher spills, using a mild soap with lukewarm water or use equal parts

Animal Waste

Pick up solid waste as you would on real grass. Neutralize any leftover residue with a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Flush thoroughly with water after application. Depending on the frequency of pet use, we recommend adding a layer of infill every six months to a year. Ask about our pet lawn servicing.

Chewing Gum

In addition to dry cleaning fluid, chewing gum can be removed by freezing. Aerosol packs of refrigerant are available from most carpet cleaning suppliers for this purpose, or dry ice can be used. After freezing, scrape with a knife.

Fungus or Mold Spots

A one percent solution of hydrogen peroxide in water can be sponged on to the affected area. Flush thoroughly with clean water after application.

There is a normal shedding period of 4 – 8 weeks after installation.  Matting of fibers may occur in areas of high foot traffic, especially if fibers have become soiled with dirt and other airborne pollutants.

Periodic brushing of the turf can help restore the aesthetic appearance. Use a soft bristle broom or a brush to collect sheds, or a thick bristle broom for fluffing grass.  Brush against the natural grain to help each blade stand up.

We recommend having your lawn professionally brushed with a power brush every three to five years, depending on foot traffic and pet use.  Ecolawn also provides maintenance programs and one-time upkeep services to preserve and protect your grass.

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