5 Functional and Fun Patio Ideas

5 Functional and Fun Patio Ideas

Patios can be a wonderful space that can have multiple purposes. Here are a few designs we love that take advantage of the space and create functional and enjoyable moments outside for you.


Instead of pouring concrete that can crack, pavers are an easy alternative to install. The joints between the pavers eliminate the chance of cracking while also being permeable for water to pass through and absorb back into the water table.


For a more natural look, flagstone is a durable option that can incorporate multiple color, texture, and shape options. Grass can be put between the flagstone to make pathways look more cohesive in the landscape. Flagstone can also be rectangular or irregular shaped, depending on your preference.

Multiple Levels:

Designated spaces can be created with multi-leveled structured patios. One section can be a covered outdoor kitchen while another level can be a space for a hot tub. Having multiple sections separated by levels can create a versatile spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen:

A space for entertainment that takes advantage of the great Santa Barbara weather. Expand the usability of your backyard by having an outdoor kitchen that makes barbequing and entertaining a breeze.

Fire Pit

Create a relaxing and warm atmosphere for you and guests with a fire pit in your patio. It can be used to cook delicious food and promote good conversation. Take advantage of your outside space even at night with a warm fire.

These ideas have us buzzing with inspiration. Regardless of what you do to your patio, the space you create will be perfect for your needs when it’s designed with your life in mind.

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