<strong>Hardscape Options for Every Budget</strong>

Hardscape Options for Every Budget

Transform your home with custom hardscaping.  Enhance your patio, pathway, pool, driveway, or any other surface with EcoLawn’s many services. Here are our top picks. 

Option 1 | Decomposed Granite & Gravel ($5-$8/sq.ft.)

Understated and economical, decomposed granite is considered to be a practical and natural hardscape material. It provides a rich, warm palette with a Mediterranean influence. This rustic hardscape style can be found all around Santa Barbara.

Option 2 | Concrete ($12-$20/sq.ft.)

Durable and versatile, concrete is great for patios, pool decks, and driveways. With hundreds of textures, colors, and patterned designs available, concrete is a multipurpose way to create broader utility and beauty. Also known for its high compressive strength, fire resistance, and long lifespan.

Option 3 | Pavers ($14-$25/sq.ft.)

Elegant and practical, pavers upgrade any surface where asphalt or concrete would typically be used. Unlike concrete, pavers do not run the risk of eventually cracking. Available in varying colors, textures, shapes, and styles, pavers are a durable option. Commonly found on driveway, outdoor kitchen, patio, or pool deck surfaces.

Option 4 | Stone or Tile ($25-$55/sq.ft.)

Custom and playful, grouted stones or tiles create unique focal points for the eye. Ranging size and material options offer a sophisticated aesthetic. When combined with stonework and greenery, this option accents a space while protecting sensitive areas from wear and tear.

Enhancing your outdoor space can be seamless and affordable with the right team and materials. Contact EcoLawn today to learn more about our hardscaping options and get expert advice on the best choice for your home. We’re here to help you make your outdoor space the perfect oasis for relaxing and entertaining.

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