Sowing the Seeds for a Lasting Foundation

Sowing the Seeds for a Lasting Foundation

EcoLawn is thrilled to celebrate our biggest year to date! As we continue to take on more projects, maintaining a positive and supportive company culture remains our priority. With a company built on clear communication and mutual goals, we strive to allow all aspects of EcoLawn to grow and our employees to thrive.

“What stands out with Ecolawn is the real friendship and connectedness of everyone. There really is a solid base that doesn’t end at 5 pm. We are all given a chance to learn, fuel personal passions, share new knowledge, and broaden our ideas! I can tell the clients see and feel this unified effort and the trust then steps in.”

— Jerry, Senior Business Developer

Seeing The Whole Individual

To build a successful team, we first take care of the individual. At EcoLawn, we want our employees to flourish inside and outside the workplace. We understand that life can be challenging; that’s why we stand by our team members, provide the tools for development and instill a family-oriented culture, so each employee feels supported through life’s ups and downs.

Open Communication

We start our work week by unifying our team and ensuring everyone is moving in the same direction. Through weekly one-on-one “FACTT Meetings,” EcoLawn employees are free to share feelings, achievements, and challenges, as well as undergo further training or lay out their tasks and goals for the week. 

By making space for weekly meetings with each employee, we maintain transparency in the goals and mission of the company. From senior staff to new employees, everyone plays a role in helping to bring EcoLawns goals to fruition.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

EcoLawn’s success is built on a shared company-wide desire to thrive. We provide each team member with the tools and incentives to bring their ‘A game’ through transparent bonus structures. By fostering an environment where every employee is held accountable for holding up their part of the bargain, our team has created a culture of accountability, support, and trust. 

And of course, we also have a bit of fun outside of the office. With quarterly team bonding events, such as the Landscape Olympics last Spring, and celebrations for meeting specific goals, we always allow time for our team to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. We’re friends first and coworkers second.

“I consider my coworkers my friends and my family. I know I can talk to them about things going on outside of work, especially if something affects my productivity. I always look forward to team meetings, lunches, and events, because I genuinely enjoy spending time with them.” 

— Julia, Office Manager

Working Together

We’re a group guided by clear leadership, invariable teamwork, and a shared passion for bringing the best product to our customers. When working with clients, detail and diligence are at the forefront of our minds. You can trust our crew to approach your project with the attention and care we would provide to our friends and family. We look forward to working with you soon!

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